This “Frat Rap” Is Straight Fire

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Nice Move

Troy Santolla (AKA Stank), a Kappa Sigma from Appalachian State (or as he calls it, “Trappalachian State”), just dropped a Soundcloud of his fresh track, “Frat Rap.”

Warning: it’s straight fire.

Reasons you should share the “Frat Rap” with everyone you know:

∙ Stank makes gold chains and letters go together like Promethazine and Sprite.
∙ “If you could describe the lifestyle of a Kappa Sigma in one word, what would it be?… BAALLLINN!”
∙ “Bitches say they love my eyes, bitches say they love my lashes, I just tell ’em sorry my eyes are red from the marijuana ashes.”
∙ Stank’s “first kegstand lasted 17…” (seconds? Minutes? Probably hours).
∙ It’s aways good to support the mentally disabled.

Blast this shit at your next house party and pledges will be mopping pussy juice off the dance floor for weeks.

Image via YouTube


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