This Girl’s Ass Shaking Videos Were Too Hot For Instagram So They Banned Her

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This Girl Is Too Hot For Instagram That They Banned Her For These Ass Shaking Videos

Taisha Marie is one of those girls you follow on Instagram (@therealtaishamarie) because she throws out a bunch of hot pics. Think Instagram Babe of the Day style pictures. Just a bunch of ass and aggressive chest shots for all the world to see. What’s to hate about that? Check out a few that I was able to track down on a fan account of hers:

A photo posted by Taisha Marie✨ (@taishasworld) on

Side note: A+++ comment on this last photo

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.46.47 AM

Just an all around babe of a girl. However, according to Dude Comedy, she keeps getting banned for being too damn sexy on the app.

These are some of the vids that led to her getting the temporary boot:

Here’s a full compilation of some of the videos she was firing out on Instagram:

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong. I mean, Chrissy Teigen went full tits out for the boys and wasn’t banned. Quite the double standard. Taisha now has her Instagram back, but made it private. Have some decency, Instagram, and let her post as she pleases.

[via Dude Comedy]

Image via Instagram


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