This Guy Totally Nails His Mr. Georgia Tech Campaign Video Inspired By Dollar Shave Club Viral Video

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Nice Move

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Here at TFM, we get plenty of user-submitted videos that, more often than not, are complete shit and end up on Fail Friday. Today, however, we have a rare exception. This user-submitted video actually made us laugh. It’s a fucking miracle.

Who is Grant Veve? Before today, I’m not sure that anyone outside his immediate family knew. But that’s about to change.

Sure, the Dollar Shave parody has been a bit overdone, but it completely works here, thanks in part to Grant’s delivery. Kid completely nailed it.

Also, with this guy subjecting himself to five years at Georgia Tech–which has one of the worst dicks-to-chicks ratios in the country–and for his future military service, I feel obligated to do my part and make sure Grant gets your vote for Mr. Georgia Tech.

Here’s some free pub, big guy. Grant Veve 2014.


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