This High School Football Player Can Leap Over Mountains, Is The Next Sam McGuffie

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Nice Move


College football recruiting is all about hype. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a flash in the pan type talent, if you’ve got a highlight reel with enough clicks, you’ll have teams all across the Power 5 offering to pay for cars/jewelry/hookers/dead hooker removal tuition.

Case and point? Sam McGuffie. Remember him? Little white running back from Texas who was a top recruit for Michigan (and transferred to Rice later on). Pretty sure he wasn’t on anybody’s radar until Rich Rodriguez saw his YouTube highlights. As a refresher:

It’s leaping ability like that that made McGuffie a sensation. And I found someone who blows him out of the water. I caught this on Reddit, so I don’t know who this kid is or where he’s from, however, I can guarantee that head coaches across the nation already have private investigators trying to track this kid down:

What. The fuck. Was that. Guy should be an Olympic triple jumper! Could be a bust, could be the next Lamar Jackson. There’s a Hundo P chance a head coach out there crazy enough to take a flier on this kid based on this highlight alone.


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