This Hunting Trip That Involves Real Hookers Sounds Like A Can’t Miss Idea

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Nice Move


What do hunting trips and prostitutes have in common? Nothing really, unless you use the Austrian company that is combining the two for a once in a lifetime experience.

A hunting lodge in the Neustift-Innermanzing municipality in Lower Austria’s Alpine foothills was offering this great package for its hunters. In addition to getting to hunt like a man, you were also guaranteed to get laid by a prostitute or two after the excursion.

From The Local:

The advert for the trip said: “After an exciting day’s hunting what could be better than a cosy night for two, or even three, in a remote mountain cabin. Everything is possible.

“The hunter’s return will be welcomed back by a lovely companion, and of course absolute discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed.”

Of course some whiny dude had to get his panties in a wad over this. Martin Balluch, the boss of the Association Against Animal Factories, went hard in the paint against this hunting trip, saying it’s essentially hunting with the added bonus of prostitutes at the end. He then called for the ban of the trip, while simultaneously calling for a ban on hunting altogether. Martin sounds like a real fun guy. Absolutely zero chill.

Since the details of the trip were made public, the company has decided to take the offer down from their catalogue. Maybe it’s now one of those off-the-menu type deals. We can only hope.

[via The Local]


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