This Iowa-Alpha Phi Bid Day Video About Sex And Drinking Might Get Them Kicked Off Campus

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Nice Move

The below video could get the University of Iowa’s Alpha Phi sorority in some hot water, possibly even removed from campus, according to several tipsters who have been emailing in tonight. This one, in particular, is convinced of the latter:

A Phi at the University of Iowa (same ones that TSM just posted the “Legally blonde” recruitment video of) has a bid day skit going around campus right now that is absolutely going to get them kicked off campus.

I don’t speak 20-year-old Girl Squeal so it’s hard for me to understand all the words in this skit, but there are definitely references to blacking out and taking it from behind.

I guess we’ll soon see what kind of damage this skit will do to the chapter. It doesn’t seem so bad to me (big ups to the Phi Delts getting the best shoutout). Actually, the most offensive part of this video, in my opinion, is the terrible display of rhythm and putrid white people dance moves. Lawd.

Image via Twitter/ @IowaAlphaPhi


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