This Is What Happens When A Woman Gets In The Way Of A Man And His Pup

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Nice Move

You don’t mess with a man and his dog. That relationship is sacred. You can force him to stop watching the game. You can force him to spend more time with your family. You can even force him to take up some asinine hobby so you two can “spend more time together.” But when you tell him he has to get rid of his dog, your ass is out the door.

Here is a Craigslist ad posted five days ago in Virginia:


Look at that pup. Who couldn’t love such a beautiful dog? Only the spawn of Satan couldn’t find room in its heart for a lovable dog like that.

What was her game plan? Did she actually think she was more important than a dog this guy has owned for nearly five years? This guy absolutely did the right thing by sending that chick on her merry way.

If anyone wants an unruly, selfish girlfriend, you can pick her up at the shelter off I-81 in Roanoke.

[via Imgur]


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