This Large Breasted Blonde Stole The Show At The College World Series

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Nice Move

The College World Series ended last night (congrats to the UCLA Bruins on the national title), and all anyone seems to want to talk about is one of UCLA’s fans. A certain large breasted blonde number garnered the attention of the on-site ESPN cameramen, then subsequently every camera phone-wielding pervert in the stands. The result is our latest internet sensation.

I realize we are a few days behind in the coverage of this one, but I had to throw something together just so you guys will stop emailing and tweeting me about it. This chick is rustling all kinds of jimmies right now.

Here she is:



Of course, the next step in the natural progression of cyber-stalking is to search for the answer to this question: who the hell is she? Then, the next one: where can I find more pics of her? And finally: any nudes available?

Thanks to some dedicated internet sleuthing by Busted Coverage, our top heavy UCLA friend was identified as Lauralee McIntyre, UCLA graduate and girlfriend of Bruin outfielder Eric Filia. They also put together a nice photo gallery of Ms. McIntyre. No nudes are available as far as I can tell, but you’ll enjoy these:











Then, just as fast as she came, she went.

Isn’t it amazing that a girl can become semi-famous to famous simply by being sexy in a public setting? She doesn’t even have to be super hot, but as long as she has some sort of identifiable attribute that stands out above the rest (ie. this girl’s knockers), then people will take notice and hit the web about it. It still amazes me how famous Katherine Webb got just because Brent Pervburger couldn’t keep it in his pants during a live broadcast.

[via Busted Coverage]




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      Probably but I’m confused. I see a trashy, likely very dumb skank with huge tits… yet she’s pictured at UCLA’s graduation, where a white applicant needs a 4.0 weighted GPA and a 90 percentile SAT score to attend. Is the grad picture a Photoshop or did her grandpa donate a rotunda?

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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