This Map Shows The Most Hated College Football Team In Each State

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Nice Move

Americans love to hate. We hate on everything from terrorists to social classes. It should come as no surprise that we also love to hate other college football teams. Bama hates Auburn. Auburn hates Bama. Texas hates OU. OU hates Texas. Reddit went out on a mission to find out which college football teams are hated the most in each state. Some of the results are very questionable. Check out the map.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.12.34 AM

It’s not shocking that Texas, Michigan, Alabama, and Ohio State lead the way as being hated by the majority of the states. The more you win, the more you let other fans let know it, and the more people hate you. A few shockers come from Alabama, where Ole Miss is the most hated team, and Georgia, where Ohio State takes the prize. How did Ole Miss make their way into the mix in a state where it’s pretty much divided between Auburn and Alabama?

Kansas making the map has to be a small victory for Kansas football, in that people actually recognize its existence. This map has to be a fake, right?

Image via Reddit


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