This Map Shows The Shittiest Characteristics Of Each Of The United States

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Nice Move

Reddit user bigafricanhat created the below map of the United States. On it, he displays the shittiest characteristics of each state, i.e. the thing in which each state sucks the most.

Some of it is a bit depressing, like Massachusetts’ label of “most cases of child abuse and neglect.” Some are even morbid–Wyoming takes the title for “highest suicide rate.” There is a little humor, intentional or not, mixed in, like Oklahoma owning the “lowest percentage of adults who visit a dentist” statistic. Classic Oklahoma. Then we have Colorado, who comes out of absolutely nowhere by laying claim to “highest cocaine use.” I didn’t see that one coming from the dopers.

Click to enlarge.

The emailer who tipped me off about this map suggested that I throw in the below Thad Castle .gif because “Colorado’s cocaine abuse is frat.” His words, not mine.

[via Redditor bigafricanhat]


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