This SMU Theta Is A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader And Their New Team Magazine Swimsuit Cover Girl

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Nice Move


Meet Sam Clark. She’s a rising senior at Southern Methodist University, a Kappa Alpha Theta, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (one of two Thetas on the squad, actually) and the newest cover girl of Star Magazine’s swimsuit issue. So, you know, she’s pretty much everything that’s great about America, with a blonde bow on top.

If Sam is like most of the other SMU kids (and SMU Thetas) I know, then her senior year is shaping up to be pretty fantastic, in that along with lining up some ridiculous job for after graduation and getting blacked from the Boulevard to Homebar, she gets to be one of the faces of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Aside from creepy* older dudes sitting in offices thinking to themselves, “Oh, nice, a hot girl to write about and show the world without her permission, this will get clicks,” I can’t really see a downside to all that.

*Whatever, we have mutual friends, it’s not that creepy. Or is that creepier? Fuck it, most of my job is creepy. I’m overthinking this.

Congrats on making the cover, Sam.

After seeing those pictures, congrats on your insanely cool life, too.

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