This Sniper Might Be Decent Considering He Took Out 5 ISIS Militants With 3 Rounds

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This Sniper Might Be Decent Seeing As How He Took Out 5 ISIS Militants With 3 Rounds

Two weeks ago, five ISIS militants were seen leaving a newly-built bomb factory just outside of the ISIS-occupied city of Mosul. Fortunately for the world, an unnamed British SAS sniper was posted up about 800m away (that’s about 874 yards in American measurements).

The sniper was keeping a close watch on the group of five men. Two of the men were wearing clothing that didn’t seem right for the day — an unusually hot day in Mosul would not call for them to be wearing heavy coats. This led to the decision to fire since there was a good assumption that the two were concealing bomb vests under the heavy coats.

The sniper didn’t just connect, but he did so in a very efficient manner.

From Express:

The sniper shot the first jihadi in the chest, detonating his explosive device and killing him instantly, along with two ISIS guards sat in a nearby car.

The second terrorist was killed with a headshot, as he and the third man tried desperately to get back into the locked factory.

The third jihadi also died when his explosive vest was set off by a third and final well-aimed shot from the colour sergeant.

If only there was a video of this achievement. It’s not every day you get to hear about a quint-kill with only three rounds. And I’m sure the guy will tell you “it’s just all in a day’s work.”

Big ups to our good pals across the pond for helping to take out a few more ISIS members. This unnamed hero didn’t take the shot to become famous. He took it to save hundreds of innocent lives in the nearby village. Mission accomplished.

[via Express]

Image via YouTube


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