This Viral Water Bottle Flipping Talent Show Kid Can Kick Rocks

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Nice Move

So some jamoke in cargo shorts flips a half-filled water bottle, gets an And1 Mixtape reaction from the crowd, and suddenly becomes the biggest thing on the internet all week.

Fuck this kid. Call me old school, but whatever happened to guys flipping bottles for the love of the game? Well mostly to kill time before practice or chapter meetings, but it was pure and genuine boredom. That’s not the case here. This was orchestrated with the intention of going viral — from the music choice right down to the faux overreaction by the student body. That’s not why you should get into the bottle flipping game. You should never aspire to be a “17 Times We All Were The Bottle Flipping Kid” article on Buzzfeed. That’s the type of attention seeking behavior that warrants a lifetime ban from the bottle flipping community. You’re fucking out, Mike.

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