Those NCAA Football Pansies Are Thinking About Eliminating Kickoffs

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Nice Move


The avalanche of rules changes morphing professional and college football into a bizarre flag/two hand touch hybrid might soon be taking another victim. NCAA and athletic conference officials are mulling the elimination of kickoffs at the collegiate level.

While admitting that the “data is imprecise,” the director of the American Football Coaches Association claims an inordinate amount of injuries result from kickoffs.

From CBS Sports:

Preliminary discussions have begun within two influential college football bodies into possibly removing kickoffs from the game, CBS Sports has learned.

Both the American Football Coaches Association’s board of trustees and the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee have at least had informal talks about the possibility.

The reason: player safety.

The NCAA, already on a crusade against essentially all aspects of special teams play in the name of “player safety,” has already eliminated the “wedge” blocking scheme for return teams, and moved up the spot of the kickoff itself to increase touchbacks.

If only this potential rule would’ve come into effect while I was playing in high school, I wouldn’t be halfway to CTE and two-thirds of the way to soiling myself daily.

Women’s soccer — the sport with the highest prevalence of head injuries — your move.

[via CBS Sports]

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