Throwback Thursday: Ranking Texas’ Hottest Playmates

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Nice Move

A heads-up for anyone who likes to explore Google images after reading these installments: apparently razor blades were invented sometime around the Y2K crisis. I’m not going to have the stomach to eat Ramen noodle for quite some time. Keep me in your prayers.

33. Marian Stafford (March 1956)

32. Rebecca Ramos (January 2003)

31. Carol Willis (July 1970)

30. Louann Fernald (June 1979)

29. Kimberly McArthur (January 1982)

28. Ashley Cox (December 1977)

27. Echo Johnson (January 1993)

26. Connie Brighton (September 1982)

25. Lisa Baker (November 1966)

24. Laurie Carr (December 1986)

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Nice Move

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    I’m assuming there are number of people who grew up in dallas on this site. Who else has slammed number 10 it’s not a difficult task.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago
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      right or wrong

      ^^previous comment it said it was awaiting moderation
      yesuh they waz thuhhh goods old days. you ares so smart iz wish iz coulds be as smarts as the whites man.. them were the days where you folkz woulds be think for us ands directin us. let mez tell you thats the natural way things were ment us jungle folk were ment to be ruled by you superior IQ white men. Evah since mez and me people been freed wez always be messin up.. ahh the good old days ware we would just listen to our mastuhs. this white mans world aint no place for a black likes me dam i wishuhs we could go back to thes gloys days

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago

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