Tiger Is Back So Here’s His New Swing In Slow-Mo

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Nice Move

Tiger Woods is set to return to professional golf this week at the Hero World Challenge. Tiger said, according to an interview he did with USA Today, that he’s all the way back, and then some.

“I have way more shots now, because I’ve played way more golf. I only had a handful of shots back then,” Woods said. “And you just saw a session where I hit everything. And I had control of everything. I can hit all the shots now, on call.”

Cocky ass Tiger. I love it. He also said he’s carrying the ball 300-310 yards with his driver, so let’s take a look at his new swing with his new driver, in slow-mo.


• Leg day??? You tell me.
• Dude looks lean.
• It’s weird seeing Tiger swing a TaylorMade driver.
• He’s also playing a Bridgestone ball, apparently. Double weird.
• That swing looks stiff as shit compared to Tiger of old.

I’m all for a dialed down Tiger swing if it means his back won’t buckle on him. I’m not convinced that swing is carrying three hundo on the fly, but it’ll do. Fuck I just want Tiger to be back. He makes golf so much fun. Tiger in contention on Sunday is just good for the game. People forget the level of greatness he was able to achieve. He’s a dickhead, but he’s an entertaining dickhead.

[via USA Today, Golf Digest]

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