Tigers Fan Offers His Detroit House for World Series Tickets

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The fine people of Detroit, Michigan are going through some tumultuous economic strife these days. It’s terrible up there for this proud, blue-collared group of Americans. Their backbone is the auto industry, and it’s taken a few square on the chin in recent years.

See this poor guy’s Craigslist ad for evidence. He’s offering up his home just to watch his beloved Tigers play in the World Series. The home is located in the Warrendale neighborhood, which, to be frank, has seemingly taken the brunt of the economic beat down.

The poster, who has confirmed he is serious, lives in the Warrendale neighborhood. There are houses listed in Warrendale for as low as $1,300, but Stubhub has tickets for Game 1 Game 3 as cheap as $349 (as of 4:21 PM).

Sad times.



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