Tiger’s Swing Evolution Throughout The Years (GIF)

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Nice Move

This is pretty interesting, and also ridiculously mesmerizing. Tiger’s golf swing — one thought to be the prettiest of all time by some — is shown here throughout the years, side-by-side, starting from the age of three and going all the way to present day.

The first thing that jumps out to me is that I could outdrive ’78 Tiger in a big, big way. The next thing is how violently he whips his upper body and hips around in the ’94 and ’97 images. That’s a powerful, quick stroke, isn’t it? Older, more mature Tiger appears to take a much more methodical and relaxed cut. Of course, he’s changed swing coaches a couple times throughout his career, and that obviously has a lot to do with the transformation you see here.

Old Tiger used to swing like he was banging so many broads.

[via Yahoo! Sports, AdamSarson.com, @ScottJohnson48]

Image via NY Daily News



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