Of Course Tim Tebow Hit A Homer On His First Pitch As A Pro Baseball Player

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Nice Move

During his first at bat with the Mets minor league system, former Gators legend and NFL flop Tim Tebow knocked the first pitch he saw out of the park.

You gotta respect it. The dude’s a go-getter. For his first at bat in baseball, everybody’s watching him. But he still sits back, waits for the ball to reach the back of the plate, then drives it the opposite direction. Maintaining that kind of patience is truly commendable given the situation.

I’m happy for the guy. I know a lot of people would have gotten off on seeing him fail miserably. That kind of schadenfreude comes with any athlete who draws the level of hype Tebow does. Sure, his showy piousness and his “I’m humble because I’m a man of God even though I’m rubbing your noses in it” attitude got on my nerves a bit during his football days. And I was tired of hearing about a guy who hadn’t proved himself on the professional level more than I was hearing about guys who actually moved the needle. But he couldn’t control the enormous hype surrounding him, and I thought he handled it far less douchey than most.

Good luck, Tebow. Hopefully we’ll see you in the bigs someday.

[via ESPN]


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