Tinder And Other Dating Apps Are One Big Sausagefest

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Haven’t been getting many matches recently on Tinder? That’s more than likely due to dudes around the world flooding the market and subsequently causing your stock as a man to plummet.

From Time:

According to a new study, some 90 million people around the world used location-based dating apps like Tinder and Momo last month. And it turns out that nearly two-thirds of those swipers were male.

Research firm GlobalWebIndex surveyed 32 countries, and found that 62% of dating app users are men.

Being an average-looking dude on a dating site is the equivalent to being a three-legged, blind pit bull at the pound. All the Sarah McLachlan music in the world won’t save you from being overlooked for the purebred golden retriever puppy in the cage next to you. Girls just have their pick of the proverbial litter.

Meanwhile, when was the last time you saw a legitimately hot girl on a dating app? The answer to that riddle is never. If you are, however, looking for a soft six with miles of unwarranted confidence, you’re in luck. These dating apps have plenty to go around.

Overall, though, this isn’t exactly shocking news. Slamming clam is every guy’s objective, and we have no shame trying virtually any avenue that will lead us to the puddle palace. If it means swiping through a sea of trolls to get to the princess, then so be it.

Besides, it’s not like I have anything better to do when I’m dropping logs.

[via Time]


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