Tinder Cofounder Sues For Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment involving Tinder? NO! It can’t be!

Oh, but yes it can.

Whitney Wolfe, former vice president of marketing and cofounder of the booty call black book–I mean dating app–is suing Tinder, claiming she was sexually harassed by fellow executives. The suit has been filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court and it names Tinder’s parent companies, IAC, Inc. and Match.com, as defendants.

Oh, the irony! Look, I obviously don’t agree with sexual harassment in any form, and I would never want someone to work in an environment where he or she felt uncomfortable, but, I mean, she did cofound a hookup app that is specifically designed for people to be sexually harassed. Just look at some of the Tinder pick-up lines for God’s sake! She had to have had some idea that her fellow execs were not exactly squeaky clean choir boys. That’s like someone saying he wants to work for American Apparel because he really loves neon clothes.

Wolfe claims that part of her firing came because of a failed relationship she had with an unnamed Tinder exec, who “waged a brutal harassment campaign in retaliation” after he found out Wolfe was seeing someone else.

A relationship that didn’t work through Tinder? SHOCKER! I mean, isn’t the whole point of Tinder to be casual and quick? I’ve always wondered if Tinder’s logo is a flame because of the passionate lovemaking you have from that one-night stand, or if it’s because of the burning sensation you get when you go to the bathroom the next morning.

I mean, seriously. If the cofounders of Tinder can’t even keep their Tinder hookups in check, then there really is no hope for the rest of us. Although, I don’t know about you guys, but after looking at some photos of Ms. Whitney Wolfe, I have to say I would totally swipe right.

[via Daily Mail]

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