Tinder For Airplanes: New App Called Wingman Hooks People Up Mid-Flight

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Nice Move

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It’s the Tinder of the sky. The awesomely named app, Wingman, connects its users with attractive participants on their flights before touching down.

From Time NewsFeed:

It works much like Tinder: users scroll through photos of potential “travel buddies” aboard their flight and swipe right or left to indicate “yes” or “no.” The idea is that most planes nowadays offer in-flight wi-fi, but the app will also be bluetooth-ready.

We’re talking about a pool of, what, 200 potential people to connect with on the average flight? Assume the genders of all passengers are split 50-50, so throw out half of those unless you’re bisexual. Out of those 100 people, let’s say three of them are attractive enough to hook up with (a liberal estimate). Of those three, how many are single (or willing to cheat)? One? Okay, now you not only have to hope that one person has the Wingman app and is actively using it, but that this person also finds you attractive, and swipe your ugly ass right.

There are also a few other factors to consider. Is this person traveling alone? Is the lavatory occupied? Will two people even fit in there? Is this person willing to hook up with a complete stranger in a tiny shit box?

Look, it’s a fun idea. I just don’t see it being all that effective.

[via Time NewsFeed]


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