Tinder Releases List Of Top 25 Universities With The Hottest Girls

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Nice Move


Fueling a debate that has been tackled by many and settled by none (except me), Tinder has done some extensive research by sorting through thousands upon thousands of right swipes to figure out which colleges have the hottest girls.

Here are their results:

25. Southern Methodist University
24. West Virginia University
23. Pennsylvania State University
22. Texas Tech University
21. Auburn University
20. University of Kentucky
19. University of Florida
18. Ohio University
17. Clemson University
16. Miami University (Ohio)z
15. Virginia Tech
14. San Diego State University
13. Texas Christian University
12. Indiana University
11. Kansas State University
10. University of Iowa
9. University of Arizona
8. Iowa State University
7. Boise State University
6. Colorado State University
5. University of Alabama
4. University of Colorado Boulder
3. University of Mississippi
2. University of Miami
1. Florida State University

Well, I can’t really argue that much about FSU being number one, since I had them at number two. But Arizona coming in at 9? Nah, that’s some bullshit right there. They are far and away the hottest school in America. What sets the U of Arizona apart from the rest of the field is the incredible depth of their talent. It’s just a different ballgame out there.

[via Tinder]


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