Today is Flag Day AND National Bourbon Day AND the U.S. Army’s Anniversary, How Are You Not Drunk Yet?

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Nice Move

You probably knew it was Flag Day, since you’re a Goddamn freedom loving American. What you MIGHT not have known (if you did, you’re awesome, drink on) is that today is also National Bourbon Day. I’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to wrap my head around how intensely I need to celebrate this glorious union of holidays. I got so worked up that I had to have a glass of bourbon just to calm myself down. If you aren’t drinking bourbon and saluting a flag right now, I suggest you do so.

God bless bourbon, and more importantly, God bless America.

Carry on.

[h/t to reader Reagan is my brother]


It is also the anniversary of the founding of the United States Army.

Excuse me while I go blackout.

[h/t to reader Teddy Brosevelt]


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