Man Mauled To Near Death By Grizzly Bear Films Aftermath Before Going To Hospital

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Nice Move

You weren’t actually mauled to near death by a grizzly bear if you don’t immediately record the aftermath and upload it to social media. Todd Orr did exactly this. All the likes.

I’m not able to embed the video but you can watch it on his Facebook account. Warning: If blood makes you squeamish, the video might be a little much for you. Then again, I added his bloody pictures above so it’s kind of too late, huh? Plus you clicked on a story about a man nearly dying from a gruesome bear attack so we’re probably good either way.

He’s so calm, man. The attack clearly had just happened. Either he’s still in shock or Todd Orr is all cajones.

Below is the full account of what happened, according to Todd.

[via Facebook]


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