Scorching Hot Blonde Tomi Lahren Delivers Hot Take About Beyoncé And The Black Panthers

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Nice Move

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HOT TAKE ALERT! Tomi Lahren, who is an absolute bombshell, is not new to expressing the way she feels. In fact, she’s well known for going after people. Beyoncé’s halftime show caught the ire of people around the nation for trying to politicize something that doesn’t need to be politicized — football. So, Tomi told us how she really feels on the issue.

I’ll be honest. I missed the whole halftime show because I drunkenly walked half a mile to the nearest 7-Eleven to grab a tin, so I had to go watch it before typing this up. Gotta say, poor move on ‘Yoncé’s part. Why make the Super Bowl political?

If this isn’t what the NFL needs to bring back Tom Petty for next year’s Super Bowl, then I don’t know what is.

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