Tony Romo Told Tom Brady He’d See Him In The Super Bowl After Sunday’s Beatdown

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Nice Move

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What was supposed to be a Super Bowl contending team turned ugly fast for the Dallas Cowboys. Star receiver and notorious pant sagger Dez Bryant broke his foot in week one. A little roadblock for the team considering they still had Tony Romo under center and a plethora of options at receiver. Say what you want about the guy, but he is a good QB. That was until the Eagles went and broke Romo’s clavicle in week two.

Since then, the Cowboys have suffered losses to Atlanta, New Orleans, and New England. With matchups against Seattle, the Giants, and Eagles looming, the Cowboys are facing a severe uphill battle on the way to the playoffs. Despite that fact, Tony Romo still believes they are going to win the NFC. After Sunday’s loss to the Patriots, Romo walked up to Tom Brady and flat out told him he’d see him in the Super Bowl.

Irrational confidence. TFM.

h/t Dallas Morning News

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