Top 10 College Football Hits Of All Time

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Nice Move

The era of enormous hits in college and professional football has come to an abrupt end with all the new rules implemented to protect players. It’s a necessary safety measure with how big and fast these guys are getting. It just sucks we don’t get to see many plays like these anymore:

10. Stanford Samuels – Florida State, 2003

Why it made the list: A huge hit like this in a rivalry game is a momentum changer. Perfect stick.

9. Dwayne Slay – Texas Tech, 2005

Why it made the list: Slay’s reaction while watching his hit on the jumbotron is priceless. And the guy’s name is Slay.

8. Kevin Ellison – USC, 2006

Why it made the list: It’s a huge hit, and DeSean Jackson was on the business end of it. Humble pie.

7. Quinton Moore – Oklahoma State, 2005

Why it made the list: Lights out + it looked like he literally took his head off.

6. Nehemiah Warrick – Michigan State, 2007

Why it made the list: Lays the hit, keeps his feet, runs out of frame. Great follow through.

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