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What city serves the post grad fraternity man best in terms of drinking, loose sorostitutes, sports, a large population of Greeks, etc…

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    Sterling Cooper

    Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth are pretty much the only places in Texas I’d really want to live immediately post-grad. Small town Texas is awesome in its own way, but there’s obviously a lack of places to go/women to degrade. Houston is fucking disgusting, San Antonio has the Spurs and a lot of illegals, and Lubbock…speaks for itself.

    Outside of Texas, I’d say Charlotte, NC and Chicago would top my list. Also Georgetown in DC if you’re making serious money.

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    Buckhead: all the people with money wanted to get the fuck away from south Atlanta, so they built their own city. FaF.

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    Dwight Eisenbroer

    PTG Beauregard said:

    BRO Pelini said:

    Anybody have any insight on DC?

    Don’t. Just say no. It’s fratty in theory, but in reality, it’s all the saddest, wonkiest nerds from big state schools walking around like frat stars just because their congressman (the 3rd District of Minnesota…wow!) is paying them $22.00 an hour to make copies. It’s got more fucking hipsters than I’ve got bullets, and I’ve got a lot of bullets. It’s also a chocolate city, which even if you’re not racist is still about as fun as trying to jack off to Betty White. The only remotely fratty parts are Georgetown (which is fucking choking to death with tourists), Dupont Circle area (fucking flatbills and assholes from Miami and the Dirty Jers everywhere), and Alexandria (which, note, is a solid half hour outside of the city).

    I’m going to med school in DC, and the only way I’m ever coming back once I leave is if I’ve got a (R-KY) after my name.

    I completely agree, I graduated this past year and am living in Alexandria. While it’s pretty nice in Alexandria, it’s a huge pain in the ass to go into the city on the weekends. I end up going to the pubs in Old Town Alexandria just to avoid the ride back at the end of the night.

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    Bro Pig Sooiee said:

    PTG Beauregard said:

    Virginia – anything in TidewaterNorth Carolina – CharlotteSouth Carolina – Charleston or the barrier islandsGeorgia – AtlantaTennessee – NashvilleKentucky – LexingtonAlabama – MobileMississippi – OxfordLouisiana – NolaTexas – anything from Round Rock to New Braunfels (Hill Country)

    Arkansas- Anywhere in Northwewst Arkansas (rapidly growing area full of business opportunity) or Little Rock and immediately surrounding area (huge medical industry)

    Hillcrest/Heights area of Little Rock yeah…But don’t end up in like Maumelle or something.

    And I’m in Fort Smith right now, but either want to move to Mobile or Buckhead. Not sure which yet.

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    If you’re in Florida I suggest Tampa/St. Pete. The schools around that area are atrocious but the 22 and up crowd is pretty stellar, especially the SoHo bar scene.

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    pocket ts and 993s

    Although I know the last place most of you would want to end up is Ohio, there is at least a decent chance you might end up in Cincinnati (after all, we do have the headquarters of 9 Fortune 500 companies – namely Proctor and Gamble – and numerous Fortune 1000 companies). But don’t fret, although Ohio as a state sucks terribly – and I would know, I’ve spent 20 years here, so please don’t remind me – Cincinnati has potential if you find the right area of town to move to. Many out-of-staters automatically move to the, although nice, incredibly boring areas of Mason and West Chester. This is why Cincinnati has always received a reputation as being dull and boring. Instead, look at areas closer to the city like Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, Mt. Adams and O’bryanville. The prices are similar to the other areas, the population of these areas is generally in the 24 to 35 (at the very high age) group, and most of those people are either from Miami of Ohio (which is the only frat school in Ohio) or out of state schools, so you wont have to worry about an overflow of geeds. Also, with bars such as Millions, Mt. Lookout Tavern, Zips (which is by far the best burger and beer in the city), Yesterday’s, Crowleys, Longworths and the only Hofbrauhaus outside of Munich, Germany, you’ll never really get bored. And if you want to have a taste of the south, as many of us do when we are away, Lexington is only an hour away when traffic is good. Cincinnati is also one of the most conservative, old money, red cities you are going to find anywhere in the North, so you’ll feel right at home.

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    TangoKiloEcho said:

    If you’re in Florida I suggest Tampa/St. Pete. The schools around that area are atrocious but the 22 and up crowd is pretty stellar, especially the SoHo bar scene.

    Fishhawk has some pretty solid schools, and there are about 5 golf courses within a 10 mile radius of there. There is always something to do in Tampa. The geed population is pretty bad though considering its mostly snow birds that move down. I would also strongly suggest joining yacht clubs. SPYC is a stellar establishment. TIYC was awesome as well until they went bankrupt. Not TIYC is like some non-IFC yacht club.

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    KY Gentleman

    Moose_ said:

    frattyalumintennesse said:




    South Carolina:

    Baton Rouge
    New Orleans

    Fort Worth

    Atlanta (Buckhead)

    Key West

    RE: Shreveport, Louisiana: I just graduated from college there, and it is definitely not a good city unless you like poor black folk, hipsters, and the tapout crowd. The bars aren’t terrible, but you get tired of the same place every weekend. It’s a fun place to visit (I guess?) but I’d hate to live there again.

    What about Louisville, KY? I’ve been looking for jobs there, figured it would be a fun place to live.

    I was born and raised in Louisville, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s not nearly as bad as he^ makes it out to be. It is more diverse than Lexington as it is a much bigger city, and the goods far out-weight the bad. There are several areas that are FaF and some great bar scenes. There’s a lot to do and the city is constantly improving. Also, its rated one of the best places to raise a family in the US…if you’re into that shit. I recommend visiting and seeing how you like it.
    Fast horses, fast women, and good bourbon…God’s country.

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