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What city serves the post grad fraternity man best in terms of drinking, loose sorostitutes, sports, a large population of Greeks, etc…

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    Sterling Cooper

    Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth are pretty much the only places in Texas I’d really want to live immediately post-grad. Small town Texas is awesome in its own way, but there’s obviously a lack of places to go/women to degrade. Houston is fucking disgusting, San Antonio has the Spurs and a lot of illegals, and Lubbock…speaks for itself.

    Outside of Texas, I’d say Charlotte, NC and Chicago would top my list. Also Georgetown in DC if you’re making serious money.

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    Buckhead: all the people with money wanted to get the fuck away from south Atlanta, so they built their own city. FaF.

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    John Quincy Fratams

    I go to school in Michigan, but I’ve always wanted to end up in Charleston after graduation. My grandparents used to live on Kiawah Island and anywhere around there would be pretty awesome.

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