Top TFMs of the Day

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Nice Move

We’ll be pulling the newest TFMs from The Wall each day, and randomly including some of our all-time favorites, for this new feature. Download the iOS app and submit your own Total Frat Move.

1. Having an understood “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about your grades with Dad. #TFM

2. Having actual children being the only fatherly attribute you don’t want. #TFM

3. Screenshotting her snap but not responding. #TFM

4. Making the pledges go on beer runs despite none of them being 21. #TFM

5. Her trip to standards being shrugged off as collateral damage. #TFM

6. Makeshift first aid kits. #TFM

7. Shitty credentials. Great connections. #TFM

8. Protecting her like she’s America, and invading her like she’s Iraq. #TFM

9. Slampiece asked me to whisper dirty things in her ear. So I whispered “The kitchen, bathroom, and living room.” #TFM

10. Making an incognito triumphant return to the bar you were kicked out of. #TFM

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