Top TFMs of the Day

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Nice Move

We’ll be pulling the newest TFMs from The Wall each day, and randomly including some of our all-time favorites, for this new feature. Download the iOS app and submit your own TFM.

1. Slampiece wanted to be Facebook official so I listed her as an Activity. #TFM

2. Giving him a handshake that says you were raised right, and eye contact that says you do weird stuff with his daughter. #TFM

3. Going to put a flask in your pocket and finding a flask. #TFM

4. Insisting that something you’ve never done “works every time.” #TFM

5. I’m not sexist. Being sexist is wrong, and being wrong is for women. #TFM

6. The Dude’s first concern being to protect his drink when being shoved into a car. #TFM

7. Not adding your risk manager to the group text. #TFM

8. Asking your recently divorced female professor if you can take the final orally. #TFM

9. Showing an amount of man thigh that makes people around you uncomfortable. #TFM

10. The North vs South debate is getting old. We all frat hard and we’re all superior to geeds. #TFM

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