Top TFMs of the Day

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Nice Move

We’ll be pulling the newest TFMs from The Wall each day, and randomly including some of our all-time favorites, for this new feature. Download the iOS app and submit your own Total Frat Move.

1. Referring to the bouncer checking IDs at the door as “some post-9/11 bullshit.” #TFM

2. Exercising your fifth-year option. #TFM

3. Using local bars as landmarks when giving directions around campus. #TFM

4. Your solution for recovering after a bombed test being the exact reason you bombed it in the first place. #TFM

5. It’s not the grades you make, It’s the hands you shake. #TFM

6. Liking your beer cheap and cold, and your whiskey expensive and old. #TFM

7. Winning the “Most Improved Fraternity” award at the Greek closing ceremonies and not having any members there to claim it. #TFM

8. The faint smell of beer stained floors being a friendly reminder that you’re home. #TFM

9. Telling rushees that you have a cleaning service that comes once a week, then later informing them that they are actually the cleaning service. #TFM

10. Wasn’t born into old money and I’m the first fratter in the family. But my 4.0 and acceptance to med school tells me the old money starts here. #TFM

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