When an in-class argument between two rival fraternity members turns on the one outspoken GDI. TFM.

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Nice Move


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      Mr Sir

      I’ve got this one, guys.

      You see, arguments between members of rival fraternities can get very heated at times, and due to the general “give zero fucks” mindset that fraternity gentlemen possess, these debates could happen even in the middle of class. Now, some people took out loans for their education, have no real-world contacts, and are therefore generally more concerned about what the professor is saying. We call them GDI’s. Because these unfortunate souls do actually care about class, they may be offended when two fraternity men waste everyone else’s time by arguing. He may then “speak out,” which–in a show of true Greek unity–will only cause the two pariahs of the social world to focus their verbal assaults on him.

      Even though the two men may dislike each other, their mutual hatred of the lesser folk allow them to form an impromptu alliance, thus being a Total Frat Move.

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