Trump Was An Absolute Animal In Little League Baseball

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The Washington Post just rolled out a lengthy and highly-detailed account of Donald Trump’s childhood. The part about his little league prowess is golden. As a catcher, he was known for being the dirtiest son of a bitch on the field, both literally and figuratively.

By sixth grade, Donald’s power as a right-handed hitter was enough that fielders shifted to left field when he batted. “If he had hit the ball to right, he could’ve had a home run because no one was there,” said Nicholas Kass, a schoolmate. “But he always wanted to hit the ball through people. He wanted to overpower them.”

A catcher, Trump’s uniform was often the dirtiest on the field, and he shrugged off foul balls clanging off his mask. After once making an out, Donald smashed neighbor Jeff Bier’s Adirondack bat on the pavement. The bat cracked, Bier said, but Trump did not apologize.

Refusing to swing for the gap because he wanted to overpower people. Smashing a teammate’s shiny aluminum bat in celebration. This is the kid you want on your team. The kind of kid who talks mad shit when the wimp at the bottom of the lineup steps up to the batter’s box. Who leads a slide into home with an illegal metal cleat. Who throws dip into a Big League Chew pouch and sneaks it into the dugout. There was one of this kid on every team — and he was always clutch as fuck.

Sixth grade Trump was a loud-mouthed, irrational, arrogant little prick — and he carried those leadership qualities with him from the youth diamond to the presidential theatre.

He had the skills to back it up, too. Lil Don was a slugger. He probably said the same thing to his teammates back then as he does now to the entire country: “Build that wall 10 feet higher.”

[via Washington Post]

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