Turn $10 into $50,000 Playing Fantasy Basketball

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Nice Move

Our friends at DraftKings.com are holding an exclusive fantasy basketball contest just for us at TFM that you can enter for only $10. The top two finishers will get an entry into their $50,000 contest next Wednesday. Taking $10 and turning it into $50,000? That’s that shit I do like.

I know it’s crazy. I know.

But just because fantasy football season has come and gone doesn’t mean the good times are over. Instead of waiting an entire season for a payout like you do with your fantasy football league, you can play 1-day fantasy basketball every single day and stack paper. Now get in there, enter this special contest for just $10 and draft a better fantasy NBA team than the other 29 people you’re up against. If you get first or second place, you’ll win a much bigger ticket and a shot at $50,000. That’s a shit ton of beer money, friend. You’ll be firing off celebratory finger pistols for the rest of your fucking life.



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