Two 90-Year-Old European Dudes Race Each Other In The 100m Dash

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Nice Move

I hope this is the next internet phenomenon. Two men in their 90s, Ilmari Koppinen, 95, from Finland and Emiel Pauwels, 94, from Belgium, raced one another in the 100m dash and the video has gone viral. I’ll let this piece of art in motion speak for itself.

Pauwels gets out in front early with the greatest of ease, gliding like a gazelle through the African Serengeti, but Koppinen refuses to be denied down the stretch and closes the gap, leading to an epic finish, rivaling the grace and majesty of a Michael Johnson or Usain Bolt. Koppinen wins it by a nose and raises his fist in celebration, cementing it as one of the greatest old dude sporting moments of all-time.

I propose we begin holding the old guy Olympics every four years. Ratings would be through the roof. Maybe one day we’ll look back to the epic dash between Pauwels and Koppinen as the moment it all began.



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