Two Brothers From Kansas Win Lottery, Smoke Meth In Celebration, Blow Up House

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Nice Move

Because, of course.

Two men in Wichita, Kansas won $75,000 dollars from a scratch-off ticket last week and celebrated Kansas-style, by smoking a bunch of pot and meth. Apparently that’s the thing to do in Wichita when you win life-changing money.

The two guys, brothers actually, started burning up some drugs, and probably talking about what year of Chevy S-10s they were each going to buy, or perhaps which NASCAR race or Monday Night Raw they were gonna travel to this spring with all that money while they were getting ready to smoke some crank when they decided to refill the butane torch they used to spark the bongs and pipes to smoke said crank. Only problem is, the butane leaked out of the lighter fluid cans and into the air, eventually finding it’s way to the pilot light in the furnace, and…KABOOM. The house blew up.

A lifetime of dreams up in flames. Thoughts of giant Oakland Raiders decals on truck windows, finally being able to afford one of their children, a nice set of truck nuts, a new double-wide, a soda machine that only dispenses Busch Light camo cans, maybe a season pass to the local Six Flags that they’ve always dreamed about, all gone. Blown to bits in a giant, dream-crushing, meth mushroom cloud.

One of the men, a 27-year-old, suffered second degree burns on his hands, arms and chest and is in serious, yet stable condition at an area hospital. Meanwhile, the second brother suffered no injuries and was arrested after admitting to the possession of the drugs. So now instead of buying the world’s most luxurious above ground pool, these guys are probably going to be spending that $75K on a new home.

Some guys just can’t handle Kansas, I guess.

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    Don’t ever suggest that a Kansas man would be an Oakland Raiders fan. While the Chiefs have had a down year, or two, or four, do not ever associate us with that scum.

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