Two Girls Detach From Boat While Parasailing in Panama City Beach, Slam Into Hotel

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Nice Move

Panama City Beach, the go-to spring break destination for college students, became the scene of a horrific event on Monday afternoon when two teenage girls slammed into the side of The Commodore Condominium while parasailing.

From WMBB:

Witnesses tell News 13 two teenage girls were rushed to the hospital after their parasail detached from the boat pulling it. They landed in a near-by condominium parking lot.

[Witnesses] say the girls hit a balcony on the condo, got caught in power lines and then hit several cars in the parking lot.

Here’s the video:

I’m unable to find any information about the condition of the two girls, but that was a serious collision. Let’s hope they make full recoveries.

This is Exhibit A for why I don’t put my life into the hands of human-engineered and constructed apparati unless absolutely necessary. Oh, and I don’t do heights. I don’t bungee jump. I don’t sky dive. I don’t zip line. I really don’t even like standing on balconies that protrude out from buildings. Some call me a vagina face because of it. I call it eliminating unnecessary risks to my life.

[via WMBB]

Image via YouTube



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