Two U.S. Soldiers Trade in Camouflage for Red, White and Blue

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Nice Move

Eric Uptagrafft and Joshua Richmond served in Afghanistan together as members of our nation’s armed forces. In a couple weeks they will once again travel abroad together, except this journey will be to London, and instead of defending their country against terrorism, they will work to be bring back gold medals while representing it.

Uptagrafft is a sharp-shooting Olympic veteran, having already represented America in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. He now returns 16 years later after years of dedication (and defending our country). He abides by a “the more accessories, the better” philosophy, as you’ll notice from the video. He looks like Tin Cup accessorizing in his Winnebago while trying to shake the yips. It works for him, though. Richmond is a young buck who I’d like to sneak in as a ringer for a company skeet shooting tourney. The kid handles his over/under like I do a 7-iron, just awe-inspiring.

The Olympics begin later this month, and whether or not they reach that podium, I’m excited to see these two fine Americans reach the pinnacle of patriotism. Good luck.


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    high kapp

    This is fucking beautiful. If you didn’t get wet eyes from seeing those men tear up then fuck you get out of my country.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago

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