Two Underage, Intoxicated Morons Tried To Bail Out Their Friend And Got Locked Up Themselves

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Nice Move

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It’s always honorable to stand up for your buddy. I will never chastise someone for doing what he or she feels is necessary to remove a friend from a tough situation. Unfortunately, nothing can be done when you get locked up yourself.

Some underage morons found their asses in deeper shit after attempting to bail out their friend, who was arrested for underage drinking. Their BACs got the better of them, however, and they soon found themselves sharing a cell with their incarcerated buddy.

From Fox59:

Officials say the pair walked up to the Johnson County Law Enforcement Facility just after 2 a.m. Sunday and waved at deputies through a window. When deputies answered the door, the two said they came to bail out their friend, who had been arrested for underage drinking.

While talking to the men–20-year-old Hanni Bichir and 19-year-old Triston Burton–deputies noticed they smelled of alcohol and appeared to be drunk. A portable breathalyzer was requested, and when it arrived, Triston blew a sample of .135 and Hannie a sample of .161.

I was going to mention something about their BACs, yet they really aren’t impressive. Vodka Samm would put these boys to shame (and in the ER). Sadly, I’m sure once the reality of the situation became clear, the only thing they wished was to have been a few more deep before making the journey. When you’re infected with a case of dumbass, you might as well make it count.

The cops marched the pair to a nearby cell and cited them with possession of alcohol by a minor.

Life is tough when you’re stupid.

[via Fox59]


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