U of Iowa President On Vodka Samm: “That’s not who we are”

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Nice Move

What’s up with the U of Iowa President singling out and taking shots at a student like this? And Vodka Samm, no less? The girl’s a sweetheart. Way to kick a girl when she’s drunk, Pres.

“That’s not who we are,” University of Iowa President Sally Mason told the Des Moines Register regarding Samantha Goudie’s arrest at the Iowa football game, and her subsequent registering of a .341 BAC back in the clink. Of course, the Twitter buzz Goudie created may have played a role in her decision to respond like this, as she may have felt a need to douse this fire before burned up any more of the school’s reputation.

According to common sense, though, this is hardly an isolated incident.

She continued:

“It’s sad that one student and one student’s behavior shapes the image of 30,000 other students,” Mason said. “I feel very, very concerned about the young student that had that level of alcohol in her blood. I’m very concerned for her health, safety and well-being.”

But it was clear Mason isn’t happy about having Iowa portrayed as a party school either.

Yes, Pres, Vodka Samm has shaped the image of the other 30,000 University of Iowa students. Let’s pretend the Princeton Review didn’t just name your university the #1 party school in the nation BEFORE Vodka Samm became a household name.

[via Des Moines Register]



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