U.S. Attacks ISIS, Seen From The Deck Of The USS Arleigh Burke

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Nice Move
USS Arleigh Burke

USS Arleigh Burke

On Wednesday, September 10, Obama addressed the nation about the crisis in regions of Iraq and the Levant. ISIL–or ISIS as it’s more commonly known–is a terrorist organization that self-identifies as a caliphate, claiming religious authority over all Muslims. ISIL is rapidly gaining a stronghold in parts of the Middle East with the goal of mass persecution of those who stand in their way or don’t conform to their ideals, using acts of genocide and barbarianism to carry out their plans.

On that day, Obama informed us that we would soon strike. Today, we struck.

You never want to see your country forced into battle, but as an American, it sure is fun to watch.

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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