U.S. Marine Has Insane Case Of Road Rage

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Nice Move

From San Diego 6:

A Camp Pendleton Marine Sergeant was detained after being caught on camera in a violent road rage incident. The subject is a Purple Heart recipient, whose name is being withheld until formal charges are made.

According to the victim, the Marine cut them off Monday and repeatedly slammed his brakes. After stopping, the suspect allegedly got out of his vehicle and began kicking the side of the victim’s car, screaming obscenity laced demands.

Here’s the video:

Now look, I love and respect everything and everyone relating to our military, truly, especially those who have seen live action. To add, I know a ton of messed up stuff goes on over there that can really mess with a person’s psyche, and stuff that I’m thankful and fortunate I don’t have to experience. I also understand the relative hollowness of any criticism coming from me, a person who sits behind a desk and writes unimportant commentary about stories like this.

With all that being said, this Marine is a first class chotch.

[via San Diego 6]



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