UCLA QB Josh Rosen Has A Hot Tub In His Dorm Room

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Nice Move

Remember that hot, sad sorority girl from the University of Arizona? The one who made a sign for the game against UCLA and wanted Josh Rosen to holler? Well it turns out Josh hollered.

And she took a dip in his dorm room hot tub.

First off, good on him for hitting on her. Secondly, a goddamn blow up hot tub in his dorm room? What a fucking boss. That’s a brash move for a freshman, even if you are deemed as the savior. I wonder if he just casually threw that on his packing list and his parents didn’t even blink when they saw it. They probably thought “whatever Josh needs to feel comfortable, he gets. Even if that means putting an inflatable hot tub in the room.”

Love everything about that move.

A video posted by Josh Rosen (@josh3rosen) on

This kid is going places.

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