UGA Apologizes For Supplying Ludacris With Alcohol, Condoms To Perform At Spring Game

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Nice Move


The University of Georgia shelled out a hefty sum for Ludacris to perform at their spring football game — $65,000 for a measly 15-minute performance.

But the fat price tag for a washed up rapper isn’t what pissed off UGA donors. It was Luda’s list of absurd demands, including six bottles of liquor, two bottles of wine, and a big ol’ box of wrappers.

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Now, UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity has apologized for fulfilling Luda The Ludameister’s wishes with university funds.

From AJC:

“Few things in my professional life have bothered me more than this situation,” said McGarity, who seems to have mentally blocked out the 2015 Florida loss.

No need to apologize, McGarity. It’s always good to promote safe sex, even if the box of Magnums is for Ludacris, his entourage, and his herd of groupies to have a massive, alcohol-fueled orgy in the box suites while overlooking a stadium full of students, alumni, and Georgia taxpayers who paid for it.

[via AJC]

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