UGA Student Celebrates School’s Game-Winning TD By Jumping Through Window, Going To Hospital

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Nice Move

georgia fan breaks window

Everybody celebrates differently. Whenever I’m happy about something’s result, I like to play Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration” at a reasonable volume, throw (biodegradable) confetti into the air, and do some G-rated white guy dance moves (which are characterized by either too much shoulder movement or absolutely zero shoulder movement (under no circumstance is any normal amount of shoulder movement permissible)) before reminding people that while this is all well and good, there are starving donkeys on some farm in Eastern Ukraine who could really use our help. I’m really fun at parties.

Other people, meanwhile like to go insane and destroy everything in sight.

Down goes the painted cooler (which appears to belong to a Pi Kapp). Down goes DiNardo (the mad man in the video). Down goes the football. Aaaaaand down goes the window.

Not how I would’ve chosen to celebrate, but that’s just because I don’t love anything as much as Michael DiNardo loves the Dawgs. I recommend getting a big, badass UGA tattoo to cover up that scar, Mikey. I’d say “you won’t,” but you don’t seem like the kinda guy who needs peer pressure to do crazy shit — and that’s why we love you.

h/t Deadspin

Image via Jeff Moore/Michael DiNardo


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