UH Student Tweets Joke About Gang Members Coming For Sorority Girls, Police Raid His Dorm

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Nice Move

Earlier today we published a news story about Houston-area Bloods targeting UH sorority girls for their “initiation kill.”

Basically, girls in Houston are scared as hell because somebody spread a rumor that the Bloods were planning on taking out a few sorority members this week. The rumors, which I personally think (and hope) are total bullshit, have the University of Houston campus in a frenzy.

One scrawny white dude at UH who is (probably) majoring in comedic timing decided to tweet about it. @CalebistheManby posted the following photo Sunday night around 11 p.m.

His joke wasn’t very well-received. Three hours later, at 2 a.m., he tweeted again:

Another victory for white kids in social media? I think so. I’m sure the local Bloods are having a good laugh over this one.


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