The “I have to wait 3 months before I can talk to that sorority again” hiatus. TFM.

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    Frat Misogynist

    I hate women. I really do. Every time I look at them, my blood pressure shoots through the roof. When they’re gabbing on the cell phone about Lilly Pulitzer. When they’re adjusting their lipstick and taking up my time rifling through their stupid purse. When they whine to me about their period. When they blither on and on about some artist/film director/musician nobody else gives a flipping fuck about. When they cry and expect your personal sympathy. But most of all, I hate them because they’re smug, hyperactive little bitches made that way by our shithole society. Look what uncontrolled feminism and the media has done to them: they think they’re superior. They think they can call the shots. No woman will even know what it feels like to be completely alone and unloved unless she is FIERCELY ugly. All their crying about relationships is merely them fucking up; any decently looking girl can get any guy she wants if she tries. When girls are feeling down, they can have any man they like and fuck him. Even if they have no friends in the world, even if they are pathetic, ugly whores, they could strike up a conversation with any guy in class and make him theirs. But a lonely, pathetic man is hated by women. They know they’re better than him. They give him nothing. Even though they know he suffers from his biological urges, they sit and laugh and do nothing for him. They get to choose who is happy and who is sad. I’m posting it because every single one of you on a dry spell thinks the same thing. When you watch your roommate take a slut to his bed, when you hear it in shitty country music, when you see it on the streets: know that those women are laughing at you, hating you, denying you something completely harmless, just because they hate who you are as a person. And that’s their never-questioned right in this world.

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    That shit has happened to me before. I told a girl in a sorority (I won’t say which one for security reasons) I didn’t want to date her, because I felt we would be better as just friends, but it was really because she is a ugly ass bitch who kinda looks like she hasn’t hit puberty yet. And then after that she when and bitched about me to all of her sisters!

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      How are you going to launch a clothing line with one damn shirt? Probably because you A) Acted on impetuous reasoning and launched a company with what essentially comes down to as a logo on a shirt. B) spent all your money on trademarks, website and launch or C) you are an idiot and thought you could make enough to cover your costs with one DAMN SHIRT.D) is all the above… Take a lap

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