UNC Fraternity Is Doing Awesome Work Standing Up Against Sexual Assault

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Nice Move

UNC Fraternity Is Doing Awesome Work, Standing Up Against Sexual Assault

With growing concern over sexual assaults on campuses nationwide, one UNC fraternity is showing that the greek community will not turn a blind eye to the reprehensible actions of a few. While some outlets paint fraternities in a very broad, disgraceful picture, the vast majority of our community finds these crimes appalling.

To raise awareness, Sigma Phi is walking a mile around UNC’s quad and taking a stand against sexual assault. Multiple sororities on campus will join Sigma Phi in this venture. Ultimately, they are hoping to change perceptions and attitudes regarding the issue both on and off campus.

It’s refreshing to see these kinds of stories because people forget about all the positive work we do in the Greek community. All of the good is pushed aside when one idiot goes out and does something stupid.

Keep up the good work, guys.

[via ABC 11]


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