Guy Tweets Hilarious Story About His Late Marine Friend Embarrassing Their Sergeant Major

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Nice Move

Guy Tweets Incredible Story About The Time His Late Army Friend Made Their Sergeant Major Incredibly Awkward

Chris Diaz was a United States Marine Corps member who was killed in action in September 2011. However, while he is a true hero in every sense of the word for his service, he also had a fantastic personality, according to his good friend Uncle Chaps. On his Twitter account this morning, Uncle Chaps decided to share a funny story about the late Diaz and himself.

This is great. Military guys are just like you and me. We enjoy busting our friends’ chops and making things awkward and embarrassing for the guys we aren’t too fond of. So when you’re going out and partying this weekend and have to hang out with someone you don’t like, remember Chris Diaz and his ability to get out of that situation by making this as awkward as possible.


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